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Very interesting and very obsessed Nicole and Michelle!! I think that Spelling Bee and what may appear as being the acquisition of or recalling random vocabulary is vitamins for your imagination and writing craft, much like random images appearing in dreams. I am sure that the images that are conjured up in your mind as you are searching for words will eventually return in a piece of writing.

On puzzles: have you seen the detective series "Astrid and Raphaelle"? Astrid loves to solve all sorts of puzzles and oftentimes, she will apply her strategies to the murder cases. Not only does she solve disentanglement or mechanical puzzles during the show, she also explains the origin and the history of the puzzles. I find that very interesting.

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Aaaaaaah! 2 of my faves in conversation. Brilliant!

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Thank you so much for the thoughtful questions around my Spelling Bee obsession! Loved our chat!

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